Treading on an endless path of solitude, a knight trapped in modern times has lost his bearings in the great tapestry of life. His faith pounded, his morale deconstructed, Sir Kristopher limps forward into the cloud of confusion, self-doubt and insecurity hovering above his grim countenance. With each pace onward, his strength dwindles, unraveling quicker than strings on an overused marionette. He was valiant once, courageous and noble, even jovial. None could match his zest for whatever the happenstance. Plunging his sword into the darkness, along with its inhabitants, he smirked all the while with carefree poise. His opposition could never anticipate his next maneuver. From dungeons to forgotten castles, his adversaries were extinguished at every edifice. Inquiry consumed faraway kingdoms who pondered the secret of his finesse. Seldom knew that Sir Kristopher was squire to Sir Andrew, the most legendary of knights. Renowned far and wide for his gallantry and gaiety, the illustrious paladin trained his apprentice in ways of the sword and chivalry. Through the scrupulous tutelage of his liege, the untried knight soon leapt from squire to templar. The two became brothers-in-arms. They shared many adventures together. The seasoned champion even educated his comrade on courting fair maidens. Alas, the days of their unrelenting, yet whimsical crusades were mortally silenced by Death, a heartless assailant. Through circumstances not of his volition, Sir Andrew, the greatest of knights, departed to heaven, leaving an untouchable legacy behind. Sir Kristopher endured as best he could, embarking on vexing quests to alleviate his grief, but ultimately, the loss of his fallen brethren was too detrimental. Channeling all the anguish within transported him to a future plane of existence where all his memories and skills lay expunged. Forever he wanders the mountains and valleys of despair.